Admission Process

Admission Process

1. Admission to L.K.G. are made in December. Children below 3 years and above 4 years are not admitted to L.K.G.

(a) Only parents / Guardian should accompany the child.

(b) The Registration form duly filled and signed by the Parents / Guardian along with a photocopy of the original birth certificate and Aadhaar card of the child should be submitted at the time of interview. All incomplete forms will be rejected.

2. Admission to the other classes may be done only if seats are available. However children who already have a seat in a local school will not be considered.

(a) Admission should be sought only by Parents, Guardians. No intermediaries will be entertained.

(b) Every candidate seeking admission must be introduced to the H.M. by the Parent or the one who is responsible for her.

(c) They must forward to the H.M. an admission form correctly filled in and signed by the Parent / Guardian, together with a Transfer Certificate from the School last attended.

(d) Correct date of birth is to be given at the time of admission. Date of birth once registered in the Admission Register will not be altered without genuine evidence.

(e) Students coming from other States must get the T.C. counter signed by the Education Department of their respective states.

(f) Admission is left entirely to the discretion of the H.M.


1. A month’s notice in writing is required in all cases before the withdrawal of a pupil.

2. No Transfer Certificate will be issued till all the school dues are paid.

3. Duplicate copy of any certificate lost will not be granted except for good and sufficient reasons.

4. Application for T. C. at the end of the scholastic year should reach the office by 2nd April.