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  Holy Mary institution was established in Feb 1948 on the insistent request from Rev.Roch,  the then  parish priest  of our Lady of Health Khairtabad, and with the kind permission of His Lordship the late Rt.Rev.Bishop Vismara, Rev Mother Provincial Late Sr.Vincenza Caminada with the cooperation of the superior of St.Francis convent Secunderabad, Sr.Antionetta Lucini, obatinaed the first three sisters, Sr.Josephine Pedoia, Sr.Lorenzina colaco and Sr.Colleta Anthony. With the approval from Mother General Angiolina Reali to open a school for a threefold purpose a) to start the Holy Mary school b) to start Vijay marie hospital c) to start socio pastoral work. These three sisters were housed in the shelter for catechist in the parish compound.
The school was conducted in the open piligrim shed. The dispensary was begun right at the end of pilgrim shed. Despite hard times in the beginning the three sisters ahead trusted in God’s providence. The sisters began gathering from chintalbasti slums and police band quarters Sr.Lorenzina Colaco was appointed as a headmistress of the new bond school with just 50 children, on the first day who varied in age 5-15 years speaking Urdu, Tamil,Telugu and English.
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A young dynamic and gifted lady, Bartholomea Capitanio, with her companion, Catherine Gerosa, founded the Congretation of the Sisters of Charity in Italy in 1832. They consecrated themselves wholly; Catherine responds to His call, to be the visible instruments of the mercy and love of Jesus Christ, to God’s people everywhere, especially where the need was great and extreme.

While still a young girl, Bartholomea set herself a courageous plan of personal holiness. “ I want to be a Saint, a great Saint and a Saint soon”. The environment in which she lived bore traces of the material and moral distress caused by Napoleonic despotism, the successive Austrian Revolution and the first evidences of the Industrial Revolution. Faced with the expectations of her times, she sensed the irresistible call of charity. She became a friend and sister to all the young girls of her village. She held most dear those among them in greatest need. She opened a school for girls in her own home. She guided the leaders of youth groups of the neighbouring towns. She enjoyed talking to the poor and helped them as far as she could. She sought to comfort the sick and the bedridden. With Catherine Gerosa, she opened a hospital.
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