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I am Oroosa Subohi. I passed out in 1993. i had the honour of being the SPL (School Pupil Leader of my batch), really a great experience. Presently I am working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at National Institute Technology, Bhopal.

When I sit down to write this testimonial a gush of memories and nostalgia overpowers me.Infact today whatever I have achieved I surely owe it to my school teachers who taught me some of the most basic things of life which plays a very important role in building our personality. When I am praised for my language, for my handwriting, my confidence, I surely feel very proud of my school. As it is there I was laid the foundation for all this.

I would surely like to mention the names of some of my teachers who should conferred as the best teachers . Mrs Waranica (UKG and 1st ), Mrs. Helen (maths 7th std), Mrs Shahana( Maths, Physics - 5th and 10th std) ,Sr. Maria ( 7th std), Sr. Lily (8th std), Mrs Lakshmi Rao (10th std)...
I am sorry if i am missed out some . Apart from these teachers we had a wonderful headmistress Sr. Appolina...really a wonderful person.Her moral Science classes were really enlightening.I still remember them... I wish I could meet her once .....really love you all teachers, you were simply wonderful.

I am very lucky to having got the opportunity to study at Holy Mary and be a part of it.



  I consider “School days” as the best days of my life especially the eighth, ninth and tenth grades were the most fun. I cannot remember a bad experience within those last three years. It’s the best part in human life as you experience physical development, emotions, friendships, relationships, and, of course, Knowledge. It is precious because it only happens one time in life.

Those were the best times in my life, mostly because of our TEACHERS and of course my CLASSMATES. It was not only about knowledge and learning, but developing relationships and experiencing emotions. As per the motto, “always more and always better”, it really has given us something more and better to cherish. No discrimination for caste or creed, whatsoever, we celebrated every occasion, learned to offer prayers, and to respect all.

I still remember the day I was elected as the School Pupil Leader, the love and support my Teachers and my classmates have provided was priceless. Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to thank our School Management, all my beloved Teachers – Sr. Ella, Sr. Flavia, Mrs. Lakshmi Rao, Mrs. Sarala, Mrs. Sanjeevani, Mrs. Nalini, Mrs. Shahana, Mrs. Gayathi, Mrs. DhanaLakshmi, Mrs. Geetanjali, Mrs. Yashoda, Mrs. Philomena, Mrs. Rama, Mrs. Roja Rani, Mrs. Monalisa, Sr. Lilly, Sr. Nirmala, Mrs. Leena, Mrs. Jaya, Mrs. Padma, Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Victoria, Mrs. Martha, Mrs. Vijji, Anthoniamma, Kamalamma. I am sorry if I missed someone.

Also I must add “Facebook “ has given us a second chance to cherish all these memories and stay connected with all my friends who were last seen 11 years ago.

Thank you once again.
Aparna Lakshmi Poona Murari


agnes jhansi agnes.jhansi@gmail.com


This is R T Agnes Jhansi a x student of Holy Mary High School passed out in the year 2004. I just wanted to let my School people know that i really really miss my School and my School days. Every thing which happened with me in my was a great learning which i never realized until i was out of the School. All my teachers was awesomely friendly. They teachings helped me mold my life and my future in a better way. I am proud to called a x student of Holy Mary High School. I really miss my School n would do it for ever.

Thanks & Regards,
  Clara Rosalia clararosalia@gmail.com to me
  Hi All,

This is Clara Rosalia an Ex- student of HMHS (2003 Batch)..... well what can i say abt our school, this is the place which thought me the basics to lead my life in a good way, which thought me how to overcome fear, a place which gave me some awesome frnds.... All thanks to my wonderful Principle(Sr. Ella), Sisters( Sr. Flavia, Sr. Lilly.K) and Teachers for what you all have given us.... Proud to be a Part of this School....

Best Regards,
  Martina Thomas marti4050600@gmail.com to me

I, R. T. Martina, an ex-student of Holy Mary High School, batch 2005, would like to share a few lines about my experiences at school. I always thought it was my great luck to be a student of this school, the reason being, the kind of ethics, manners, obedience and discipline given to students at this school can be hardly found in students from other schools. It is in fact a matter of comparison, I feel, because though our school was not always on the Number 1 position, we were one of the tough competitors to any other school in any event. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but a decent attitude was strictly taught to us by the nuns of this school to face both victory and defeat with the right spirit. Though at times it was hard for us to take the strict rules imposed on us, but now after leaving school and entering into the vast world we realize the importance of those strict rules and regulations. School being the foundation of any human's life needs to be set up on proper basis and I am glad I got
one. Also being one of the captains of the school, I learned how to take up responsibilities and to keep up to them. Being under the constant supervision of the nuns and the teachers today plays a major role for me to be on the right track, as I do see many young people of my own age smoking and drinking. Thanks to all the nuns and teachers for all what you have taught me in the first 15 years of my life. Based on those learning, today I stand successful in a bigger community, which in total is called THE WORLD.

Thanks and Regards,
R. T. Martina
  Alphonsa Christina alphonsa.christina

I R.T.Alphonsa Christina,an ex-student of our school,am feeling proud today after four years to share some wonderful and cherishing moments which i had during my school life. In fact it was told to us that our school was our second home,but at that age it sounded funny to us now...we know what it actually means in real sense.It was indeed a second home to us where we were under the shelter of our lovable,guiding,leading and correcting Principal and Teachers. Every new year of our academics not just progressed us in our classes but it also craved and shaped us step by step to face a world after this. It's a glad and a proud thing for me to tell that "Yes,I am a student of this school". When i faced the outer world i felt i am in a very respectful place unlike any other from within,though it was not recognized by anyone. Its the conscious within me which made me feel proud.Our school motto which goes in this way -"ALWAYS MORE AND ALWAYS BETTER" tells us all about our school.

Thanks and Regards,
R.T.Alphonsa Christina
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