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  PTA Welfare Committee of Holy Mary High School.
  Relationship between management, parents and teachershas been good ever since our school was established, in the year 1948.

In 1980’s and 1090’s the parent teacher welfare committee was well organized and was active. By and by, the committee vanished. So it had to revived once again. Therefore the present Headmistress Sr.Lilly Daniel took the initiative and made efforts to re-constitute once again the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Parent teacher association meeting for the year 2011 was held on 19 Feb. Welcome address was given by our superior and correspondent Sr. Christine Rebello. Our principal Sr. Lilly Daniel introduced Sr. Joanita and some teachers who will work with the association. Sr. Joanita explained the need of this association she insisted that the association must play a vital role with the management for the progress of the school so that a cordial relation is maintained within the staff and students for achieving the goals.

  • Educational guidelines and by laws for the PTA was given by
    Sr. Lilly Daniel, in the second PTA meeting held on 12th March 2011.
    Parents were requested to make it possible themselves to attend
    the meeting on the give dates at 3p.m.

  • 18th March 2011 - Parents of students studying in KG,
    I, II &III Classes.

    26th March 2011 - Parents of students studying in
    IV, V, VI Classes.

    30th March 2011 – Parents of students studying in
    VII, VIII, IX Classes.

    After the meeting parents expressed their pleasure to extend their co-operation. So that all round development of child can be achieved.
  • Nominations were filed in the third PTA meeting which was conducted on 9th April 2011.
  • Procedure for the election of PTA members and arrangement for it was discussed in the fourth PTA meeting held on 12th June 2011.
  • The General Body Meeting of PTA was conducted on 25th June at 3.30 p.m in the school premises.
  The following members were declared elected for there posts for a term of three years.President -
Vice President -Allen Alexander, R.Prahbakar RaoTreasurer - V.Venkataswamy, Prem Chabder Bose
Secretary - Fakruddin, Zakeeruddin Joint Secretary -

The elected members expressed their gratitude and promised to extend their co-operation to execute their services.
Surely the PTA will bring more progress to our institution as coming together; working together and feeling the responsibility together will always bring success, thereby fulfilling the motto of our school “Always more always better”.
  Co-Cultural Activities
  Cultural activities plays a vital role in the school curriculum. National, religious, cultural, social festivals and celebrations give ample opportunities to the students to utilize their talents and gifts. The teachers support and guide the students in all these activities.

Games Kho-Kho, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Shettle, Ring are curricular activities. The school has beautiful basketball court and matches are held through out the year between the four squads. That competes keenly in track and field events as well. March past and display drills are part of the ceremonial parades held on national festivals.
  Activity oriented subjects like Drama, Music, Arts and Crafts make the curriculum integrated and holistic so that educational experience is not confined to books along. Participation in these extra-curricular activities gives the students opportunities for expressing their talents and creativity. A spiritual program is a part of co-curricular activities like essay writing, debates,quiz programmes etc.
  Staff activities:
Staffs are constantly kept updated through staff seminars, group discussions and mutual exchange of information. There is a homely atmosphere among the staff. The little cup of tea drive at 11 a.m. drives every staff member to the staff room and is the strong link that keeps the staff united and relaxed. One of the most longed for moments - both the teachers and the students - is the annual class picnics.  
  Four silver Jubiliarians:
  The management makes much of the staff who complete 25 years of service in this institution. This year four of our staff has the distinction of completing 25 years of their career as teachers in Holy Mary. The head mistress Sr.Lilly Daniel, Office in charge sr.Aley Thomas, Mrs.Rama and Mrs.Philomena are thelucky flag bearers in the academic field and the proudJubiliarans.
We bid farewell to Mrs.Sarala teacher who completed successfully her service in our institution. We appreciate her contribution in our school. Our helpers Mrs.Esther and Kamalamma too completed their service for considerable years and we are grateful for their help and service to the school.  
Our dearest Sr.Flavia
On this significant day of your life, when we bid you farewell, our hearts are filled with sentiments of appreciation for what you have been to us. Today we say with gratitude & love a big thank you for being a dedicated, responsible & caring teacher for the past 14 long years in this institution of Holy Mary. You have been an inspiration to thousands of students who have passed through the hallowed portals of this august institution. You have excelled in the knowledge of your subject & imparted it selflessly. You had been a loving friend, a caring sister, a wise guide ,a disciplined mentor ,creative in your work & you have made use in the best way possible God given talents for the growth of everyone & betterment of our institution . You had been a great blessing in every way & we are proud of you.

You have left indelible marks on our memories .Your farewell marks a tearful moment and we will truly miss you. As we say goodbye to you we implore God’s choicest blessings on you. May He grant you good health & strength and continue to make you His blessing wherever you go. We wish you all the best & happiness for your life ahead.

God bless you dear sister.

  Farewell dear sister
Holy Mary High school
students were accompanied by two sisters to visit the orphan children at Nampally - Navajeevan street boys on this special occasion.They tied Rakki’s and offered sweets to them and entertained them with a small programme.this visit to unfortunate children enabled our students to inculcate the spirit of sharing with others .  
  Excursions:Local as well as out station is arranged annually for all classes for pleasure and educational purposes.
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