Holy Mary High School Class Rooms & Computer Labs
  Fully furnished and well aerated class rooms are a delight to the eyes. Students love to spend as much time as possible in these class rooms. Posters on the wall are highly informative and creative. The recently constructed primary school building is the envy of all.One special feature of Holy Mary high school is that there are many free rooms available for extracurricular activities.
  Infrastructure: - The school has big stage, spaces classroom and two neat play grounds with greenery around. Providing conclusive atmosphere. The school built in a vast area. It has a building 60 class room, Library, and extensive play area, a staff room, and a headmistress room, we get fresh air and good light in our class rooms. There are about 2300 students of all girls. 
  School Cabinet:
  Student cabinet is very vibrant and shares responsibility of the school. School cabinet meet takes place whenever the need arises
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