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Holy Mary institution was established in Feb 1948 on the insistent request from Rev.Roch,  the then  parish priest  of our Lady of Health Khairtabad, and with the kind permission of His Lordship the late Rt.Rev.Bishop Vismara, Rev Mother Provincial Late Sr.Vincenza Caminada with the cooperation of the superior of St.Francis convent Secunderabad, Sr.Antionetta Lucini, obatinaed the first three sisters, Sr.Josephine Pedoia, Sr.Lorenzina colaco and Sr.Colleta Anthony. With the approval from Mother General Angiolina Reali to open a school for a threefold purpose a) to start the Holy Mary school b) to start Vijay marie hospital c) to start socio pastoral work. These three sisters were housed in the shelter for catechist in the parish compound.

The school was conducted in the open piligrim shed. The dispensary was begun right at the end of pilgrim shed. Despite hard times in the beginning the three sisters ahead trusted in God’s providence. The sisters began gathering from chintalbasti slums and police band quarters Sr.Lorenzina Colaco was appointed as a headmistress of the new bond school with just 50 children, on the first day who varied in age 5-15 years speaking Urdu, Tamil,Telugu and English.

Steadily the number increased 150 students.classes were mostly conducted under mighty bananyan tress in the parish compound when there were no rains.the school made rapid purpose in the field of discipline and academic excellence. The annual inspection reports were in praise of the good mangement of the school. Hence the government was pleased to recognize the school and sanctioned a nomial of Rs.30 to enable them to carry on the work. In June 1948 the school saw its progress. There were 3 Tamil classes, 2 Telugu, 1 English, 1 Urdu. In 1948 the headmistress Sr.Lorenzina Coclaca was transferred and Sr.Celine took up the charge. Till 1949 the school was entirely managed by Fr.Roch. By March 1949 the school got permanent recognition and grant – in – aid of Rs.4, 444 for 1 year. Fr.Roch handed over the management of the school completely for the sisters of charity. In 1950 Sr.Flaminia was appointed as a first superior of Holy Mary convent. Since Our Lady of Health Church was a pilgrim centre many people use to visit the Church daily, it cost lot of disturbance to the school. To search for an ideal school the need was felt.

The present site where the Holy Mary School is today situated was vacant with the riding ground and store house of the Nizams body guard. The then Chief minister K.Vellodi was approached for the funds. Permanent grant-in-aid was obtained in the year 1950. It was in 1950 the present site with the store house was handed over to the sisters as gift of late Mehdi Nawar Jung the then P.W.D.minister. With the permission of provincial superior Sr.Antoniette  Lucini, the then head mistress Sr.Celine applied for this land in 1952 the government allotted the land on lease for 1 Rupee for month. Till the year2000 in the store house of Nizam body guard. By the year 1954, the classes up to 8th standard were started, the 15 staff members and 850 students a Montessori section was started.

The three sisters who worked in school continued to stay in the catechist’s shelter in the parish compound. By 1954 grant-in-aid was regular, compound walls were built and community was shifted to Holy Mary premises. In 1953 a new block viz the Capitanio School was opened with English as a medium of instruction. In 1954 a hall with spacious verandah and two adjacent rooms were constructed at the cost of Rs.20, 000, to accommodate the ever increasing the strength of the school. The Montessori classes and tutorial classes were open for the children of Military personnel. In the year 1955 Sr.Celine handed over the responsibility to Sr.Ernestina Vas, Sr.Sylvia  D’silva in 1955 to 1964 Sr.Ernestina was the head mistress of the school. In the year 1955 Holy Mary School was a full pledged school with parallel classes in Telugu and English medium the head mistress of Holy Mary School Sr.Slyvia D’silva At this stage the Government was pleased to sanction full teaching grant-in-aid. On 10th Sep 1956 the sisters working in Holy Mary School shifted to the school premises. Great were the sacrifices borne by our early sisters for the development of these institutions. Holy Mary School and Capitanio School existed in same premises with two head mistress till 1964. In 1957 Capitanio has highest class 5th standard it had 534 students in roll and higher primary had 367 students and 8 sisters and 9 lay teachers.

The year 1958 was an unforgettable year to the twin school and Capitanio School which had a total strength of 1000 students. In 1959 Holy Mary School sent up students of class 7 examination. Both capitanio and Holy Mary schools secured good results. After the thorough inspection of the school a good report was presented to the government. The government was pleased to sanctioned a big plot of ground to accommodate the ever increasing strength of the school. In June 1959 Holy Mary school had 15 classes with 554 students and capitanio English medium school had 17 classes with 741 students on role. There were 10 sister teachers and 33 lay staff. June 1960 marked a happy event in the annals Saifabad. The opening of high school section in Holy Mary School. October 1961 was a remarkable day the management staff and students laid the foundation of the existing building, it was blessed by Fr.Papaya. a plot of land was acquired in 1962 the government granted the land on  lease for 99 years and gave permission to build the school. In the year 1962 the building was completed by the hard and strenuous work and the initiatives taken by Mother Flaminia and Sr.Ernistina Vas. The school accounts were audited by Government.

The building grant has sanctioned the amount Rs.45, 000.  Sr.Slyvia was the headmistress of Holy Mary School and SZr.Ernistina continued to be headmistress of Capitanio School. In 1962 the new school building was inaugurated by His Excellency the auxiliary Bishop of Bangalore N.Supter the education secretary cut the ribbon. A grand exhibition was held on this occasion. In the year 1963 Holy Marysent up for the first time 13 students for H.S.C. 11 students out of 13 secured passed 85%. Ever since the school is titled as Holy Mary Hiugh School on 9th June 1964 the two schools Capitanio English medium school and Holy Mary school merged as one school with Sr.Slyia as head mistress. Mother Maria Collela was appointed as a superior of the community. The strength of the school rose to 1410, girls were 1129 and body 281; sister teacher 11 and lay staff 48. On June 7th 1965 Sr.Slvia handed over the charge to Sr.Joan Rasquine the strength of the school went 1265 with 10 sisters and 49 staff. Sister Joan was the headmistress just for 1 year. Sr.Severina peters took over the charge in 1966 the strength of the school was 1544 with 1229 girls and 295 boys and 9 sisters and 50 staff. In the same year the compound was built as an enclosure for the triangular bit of land that was purchased. The kindergarten classes were held in the present high school block.

The strength of the School went on increasing. In the year 1970 the strength was 1770 with 63 staff members. A stage was constructed in the front of the verandah classes. In June 1971 Sr.Severen Peters the head mistress was transferred and Sr.Dionisia Thumma took over the charge the school secured 100% pass results both in SSC and 7th class public examination. In 1980 for the first time inauguration of the parent teracher association nearly 100 parents took active part and interest in the discussions and made enthusisatci suggestions. A committee was formed with 30 members.

The parents of our students in colloboartion with the management worked for collecting the construction of rooms along the school hall. Funds were raised by organizing the cultural programme at Ravindra Bharathi and with that amount a few more class rooms were built. In 1983 Sr.Getrude Mirinda was appointed as the Superior of the community in 1984 Sr.Anthonia Joseph became the head mistress .Year 1985 was declared as a international year of the youth with the theme PARTICIPATION-DEVELOPMETN-PEACE. In 1986 youth festival was celebrated in Lala bahadur stadium in Hyderabad. Our students participated in the Mass drill. As Sr.Getrude Mirinda completed her mandate Sr.Erminia Viscardi was appointed as a superior. Sr.Anthonia Joseph was transferred in 1987. Sr.Appoline Gonsalves was appointed as the head mistress. In 1988 Sr.Romana Picardo came to Holy Mary as new superior. Sr.Celine who worked strenuously from the beginning for the growth and establishement of Holy Mary institution was transferred to Calicut province in 1988. In 1989 7th Fen the school held drill displays, Dr.D.G.Siddarth director of Birla Planetarium was the chief guest of the function. By 1991 the telugu medium section which flourished until then gradually began to decrease in number with no fresh admission. On the account of poor strength a recruitment of posts to fill in the aided vacant Telugu medium sections was not granted. The management has to appoint staff in order to cater the students thus began the appointment of unaided staff paid by the management. In 19193 Sr.Margaret Mendonca was in charge of the K.G. section. In 1993 Holy Mary School continued to be one of the prestigious schools in the locality.

Lots of applications were received for the K.G. admission, the high school still continued to have Telugu and English medium two parallel sections with 64 lay collaborators and 10 sisters. At this juncture the strength of the school was about 2600 with 64 teaching staff and 9 contingent staff. In 1995 as the number of the students was ever on the increase the community was on the opinion that the separate building to house kindergarten school should be thought off. Necessary permissions were sought and plans were made ready. A parent of our student an engineer in the P.W.D. volunteered to supervise engineering duties. The superior Sr.Alice crasta also supervise the work. The construction was completed in 1988 for the Golden Jubilee of Holy Mary convent and school. This new kindergarten block is named as Golden Jubilee block and inaugurated in 1998 by our superior general Mother Constantina Kersbamer. The school is progressing along the objectives set by the foundress Bartholomea. Since most of the students are from Muslim community there is o demand for Telugu medium sections at the time of admission to L.K.G. as a result the Telugu medium section at K.G. was stopped and allowed the already existing section to complete their S.S.C. in course of time the Telugu medium section of Holy Mary School automatically closed as the last batch of class 10 students appeared for S.S.C. exams in March 2008. But for the demand for admissions continued. Therefore in place of Telugu medium section another additional English medium section was opened in the year 2010-2011 ID and class II D 2011-2012.

This additional section was not opened because the sister in charge superior Sr.Christine rebello and the K.G. staff felt that for the Kindergarten they did not feel the need of an additional section but the headmistress Sr.Lilly Daniel was of the opinion that many parents were seeking admissions for their children of class I.

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